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February 26, 2021

Accentedge Wins Two Awards at the Prestigious Innovation Leaders Summit in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Japan/Chicago, USA –  accentedge LLC, announced today that it has won two awards at the Innovation Leaders Summit 2021, the largest open innovation summit in Asia, being held in Tokyo, Japan. accentedge was selected for the Top Startup award by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.  AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company, gave accentedge the Tokyo Challenge 100 (T-100 Top Company) award in the Digital Biomarker technology category and selected it for collaboration to make the technology accessible to medical professionals worldwide.

accentedge, based in 1871 Chicago, the world’s number one business incubator, develops and sells Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology for application in digital healthcare, cybersecurity, digital transformation, customer loyalty and marketing space among others.

accentedge’s technology for digital biomarker cancer detection utilizes it’s proprietary algorithms, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence platform along with vast amounts of pathological images to detect malignant tumors and assign them to the appropriate type of cancer with up to 95% accuracy.  accentedge will collaborate with AstraZeneca to help make this technology accessible to medical professionals worldwide – potentially saving millions of lives by early detection and treatment of cancer.

Syed Alam, accentedge Founder and CEO, stated “Our win against more than 1,200 submissions from around the world speaks to the purity of our ambition and singleness of purpose to solve some of the hardest problems to enhance the human experience. We look forward to working with our collaboration partner AstraZeneca to further empower medical professionals to timely diagnose and cure cancer.”

Founded in 2018, accentedge LLC is a digital technology company headquartered in Chicago, based at tech hub incubator 1871 Chicago. The company provides Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Analytics, Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation solutions for leading global companies – including aviation, pharmaceuticals, financial services, government and consumer goods companies.

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