Increasing Sales By Knowing Your Customer

How do you generate sales through your company website when past campaigns and marketing efforts have fallen flat? That’s the question the content marketing team at one of the top financial services company wanted to impact. Our custom solution deployed our Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to correlate vast amounts of data and look for new trends. We wanted to see how conversions to sales related to campaigns as well as analyze how our client matched up against their competitors. Finally, we put all this information into a custom Dashboard that shows historical and current activity as well as predicting future sales. We found that at a time when website visits went up, overall sales went down. We could also see which campaigns were effective – or ineffective – in driving sales. Finally, we were able to show that the company’s current marketing strategy was not communicating to their target prospect demographic. They were not reaching the…

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Challenges in Machine Learning

In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) a machine (computer) performs a specific task with the help of a model. Machine Learning (ML) is the study of these kinds of models and algorithms. Machine Learning Algorithms (MLAs) have proven successful in extracting patterns from images and sensing anomalies to detect fraud. While Machine Learning has solved many problems, there is still a large gap compared to the abilities of human learning. One of the biggest challenges in using ML technology is providing sufficient data to train a model.  Large amounts of data are required for the model to work. Humans learn using an adaption mechanism and are able to discern relationships using a variety of information.  Machine Learning, however, does not have this ability, but instead relies on a large set of data to train the model. For Machine Learning to work it is important to select the appropriate set of features from…

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