For Immediate Release

April 17, 2020

Accentedge Offers Free Work-From-Home Software to Support Companies at 1871 Chicago During COVID-19 Outbreak

Chicago, Illinois – Syed Alam, Founder and CEO of Accentedge, LLC, announced today that his company will be providing free software support to start-up businesses at 1871 Chicago to enable their employees to work from home.  The software program allows employers to track work hours and manage performance of remote employees.

Accentedge is headquartered at “1871 Chicago,” a tech hub incubator based in Chicago.

Accentedge is providing a software service that helps employers track employee hours and manage their performance.

“We are fortunate to have launched our business at 1871 Chicago,” Alam said, “and now we want to give something back to our colleagues and start-up businesses that are struggling with the ability to work from home during COVID-19.”

“Accentedge is providing a software service that helps employers track employee hours and manage their performance.” Alam said, “We are offering this service free of charge for as long as the stay-at-home order in Illinois is in effect to any of the 500 tech companies that are a part of 1871 Chicago.”

“We’ve worked with some of the most successful large corporations to employ software systems that allow employees to communicate globally,” Alam added, “These companies figured out a long time ago the importance of remote collaboration – we now need to ensure that businesses of all sizes have these capabilities and are able to conduct business and be profitable.”

Accentedge LLC is an information technology services company that provides information security, analytics, digital transformation and cloud computing solutions to leading corporations, pharmaceutical companies, financial services, aviation and government agencies.  For more information on the program contact Eric Miller at 312-489-8600 or

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