Cybersecurity Strategy For Government: Lessons From The Corporate World

Government agencies are looking to the corporate world for strategy on how to protect against a new generation of increasingly-sophisticated cybersecurity threats. 

As federal government agencies are upgrading their networks and cloud-based systems, they are looking at strategies already being used by leading private businesses. The challenge facing both government and business, is balancing the ability to share information and conduct business, with the need to protect assets and proprietary information. 

The U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) recently rolled out their ENCORE III initiative – an undertaking that will re-vamp and upgrade nearly all aspects of their IT strategy including cybersecurity, business process re-engineering, cloud computing, network support and planning.

At accentedge, we are working with ENCORE III to implement updated cybersecurity measures – using experience working with global companies and pharmaceuticals.

The Solution

In order to ensure these systems are secure, we incorporated traditional cybersecurity measures, along with new technologies, to protect against evolving internal and external cyber threats. 

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to monitor vast amounts of data across multiple platforms using sensors that “learn” to look for internal breaches and anomalies that can then be investigated. 

This ability to monitor large amounts of information, and quickly identifying threats, is critical to stopping these new and constantly-evolving cyber attacks.

At accentedge we understand the importance of government agencies to incorporate the best cybersecurity measures available.  Staying ahead of the bad actors means using the best methods and technology that meet the level of threat.  Our country’s economy and future depends on it.