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Machine Learning

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Machine Learning (ML) is the part of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve based on experience.  This technology provides the ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data to make informed decisions.  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies allow machines to act, learn and comprehend – in order to solve problems and extend human capabilities. 

Autonomous vehicles use Machine Learning to operate and some of this same technology is being used to help make safer cars.  Medical researchers are using Machine Learning technology to improve accuracy in diagnosing cancer and other illnesses.  Banks and financial service companies are using the same technology to ensure secure financial transactions.  Meteorologists are using Machine Learning to create more accurate weather prediction models.

At accentedge, we understand the potential of this new technology – and work with businesses and organizations to implement custom projects using Machine Learning to facilitate smart decision making, automate tasks, and solve complex problems.

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