Intern Spotlight - Masroor Khan

Masroor Khan is a Digital Technology Intern as part of accentedge’s 2020 Summer Intern program.

Majoring in technical systems management and minoring in business at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Masroor applied for the Internship program to get more experience in his career field of interest.

“Digital technology has always been an area that intrigued me,” Masroor says, “and being able to have an influence in the bridge between business and technology is something that spikes my interest. I knew that going into IT was something I always wanted to do.”

Masroor is an active leader on campus at the University of Illinois, serving as Vice President of the Beta Chi Theta Fraternity and participating with the Illinois Solar Decathlon, an organization that builds sustainable, high-tech houses.

A highlight of Masroor’s recent trip to Turkey was a visit to Istanbul’s historic Hagia Sophia mosque.

“For this year’s project, I am the development lead for the sustainable house project” Masroor reports, “and we are working towards developing an app to control different features in the house, such as temperature.”

Masroor also enjoys sports.  He played basketball for Hampshire High School and you can find him at the gym 4-5 days a week playing intramural basketball with his friends.  At the end of the day his favorite activity is riding his longboard around the hills of his neighborhood.

After college, Masroor hopes to work for a start-up company in Chicago while pursuing a graduate degree at DePaul University.

“A lot of my coursework revolves around business courses as well as IT related courses.” Masroor notes. “With only four semesters of school left, I’m really pushing to get into the business technology sector and accentedge is really helping me expand in that area.”

While at accentedge, Masroor has already demonstrated his technical skills, learning new technology and researching and writing technical articles.

“My favorite part about working at accentedge is that they give me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and take in information that will be useful in the near future,” Masroor adds, “This internship is geared towards helping us grow our network, gain valuable skills, and prepare us for the near future – and that’s what really stands out to me.”